Introducing my blog



Hello you all:

Well, this blog is supposed to be a interactive tool between me and my students. Of course, any comment, contribution or whatever do it with no bad intentions will be take it into account.

I mean to upload material, links and media related with the English subject but, as normally, I don’t really know what it will be at the end.

Be welcome to my site and be patient while trying to make this blog appealing and finished.


One thought on “Introducing my blog

  1. He tenido que traducir este blog con google traductor para saber que es tuyo pero, ya ves me defiendo con una mezcla macarrónica de inglés, francés y algo de hispaenglis. Bueno Pedro, dale recuerdos a la gente y ánimo con esto que seguro que te picas.
    Hasta pronto.

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